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Health Insurance Patients

At Heartsure, we want to make sure that everyone has access to our services and are able to cover their care with us how they wish. That's why we have registered our clinic with all major UK Health Insurance Providers as well as some local providers to that nobody misses out. While we have endeavoured to cover all insurance providers, there may be cases where we may not be officially recognised by a provider. If we are not recognised by your provider, please contact us and we can discuss options around this.

Prior to contacting us, you will need to contact your insurance provider to ensure that your policy covers you for any appointments you wish to have. You will also need to gain a Pre-Authorisation code or Claim Reference number which you will need to pass to us so that we can verify your cover.

If your GP or other healthcare provider would like to refer you to us, they can fill out the our Consultant Referral form or Diagnostic Referral Form, or simply write to us at


If you would like to refer yourself for a consultation or diagnostic test, you can do so using our Patient Referral Form. Please note that some insurance providers might not cover the costs of your care if you have not been referred by a healthcare professional, so please check this before you refer yourself.

Whether you have been referred by your GP or healthcare provider, or you refer yourself, you will need to indicate that you wish to use your Private Health Insurance to cover the costs of your appointments. If you already have them, you can provide your Insurance Membership or Policy Number and Pre-Authorisation Code or Claim Number as part of the referral form. 

We will contact you to book an appointment for your consultation or diagnostic test, and we will confirm the following details:


• Your Name & Date of Birth

• Your Membership or Policy Number

• The name of your Insurance Provider

• Your Pre-Authorisation Code or Claim Reference Number

Once we have this information, you do not need to do anything else. We will contact your insurance company and sort everything directly with them, so that you can focus on your health and let us do the rest.

Billing of your appointments and diagnostic tests will be completed via Healthcode. A confirmation will be sent to you when the billing process is complete. If you have any questions regarding this, please get in touch.

Please note, if you provide incorrect information regarding your policy, or if your policy does not cover you for your appointments, then you will be responsible to cover any costs incurred from the appointments or tests that you have completed.


We ask that prior to your appointment, you read through and sign our Patient Fees Advisory document which outlines important information for health insurance payments. You can find more information about payments in our patient fee advisory document here.

The costs for our consultations and diagnostic tests will vary depending on the insurance company and the agreed upon rates at the time of registration. For more information as to the specific rates for our services, please speak to your insurance provider or contact us.

You can find a list of the insurance companies that recognise our clinic, along with our clinic provider numbers.

As mentioned before, if you do not see your provider listed below, please contact us.

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