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Kasenthree Naicker

Cardiac Physiologist & Echocardiographer


0208 255 5999


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Clinical Interests:

• Cardiac Imaging   • Echocardiography   • Cardiac Catheterisation

• Heart rhythm monitoring and pacemaker implant

A Bit About Me

Kas Naicker is a Cardiac Physiologist who graduated from the University of the Free State in South Africa in 2002. Since then, Kas has been working as a Cardiac Physiologist and Sonographer in the NHS working in hospitals across Greater London.


Kas has been working as a Cardiac Physiologist at Kingston Hospital since 2014. Since then, Kas has taken on the additional responsibilities of Chief Physiologist and Lead Echocardiographer, managing all aspects of Cardiac Echo imaging within the Department.

Work Experience

February 2014 - Present

November 2004 - January 2014

1999 - 2002

Chief Cardiac Physiologist & Lead Echocardiographer - Kingston Hospital

In February 2014, Kas joined the Cardiology Team at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where she has been a key member of the Physiology team. During her time at Kingston, Kas has taken on the additional responsibility of Lead Echocardiographer and manages all aspects of Echo imaging in the department.

Cardiac Physiologist and Echo Sonographer - NHS Hospitals (London)

In November 2004, Kas started in her role as Cardiac Physiologist at the Royal Free in Hampstead. In 2008, Kas joined Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Hospitals, before working at Southend Hospital for a few months towards the end of 2013.

Graduated from the University of the Free State, South Africa

In 2002, Kas graduated as a Cardiac Technologist from the University of the Free State in South Africa. Prior to studying at UFS, Kas studied in Clinical Technology at Natal Technikon college.

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